Burgstallstraße 23 A-3034 Maria-Anzbach /
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The Burgstallerhof Equestrian Centre

Here, in the heart of Vienna’s Wienerwald forest, you can enjoy wonderful rides on your horse amid the peaceful surroundings. Or you can complete an individual training programme at our fully equipped riding facility.

At the Burgstallerhof, we endeavour to create optimal conditions for our customers’ horses. To achieve this, we provide them with feed and bedding sourced from our long-standing, locally-based partners. Our extensive paddocks ensure that the horses get ample exercise.

Our varied range of offers

The Burgstallerhof Equestrian Centre  is the number one address for all horse-lovers in the Wienerwald forest to the west of Vienna. Close enough for every free afternoon – optimally equipped and looked after.

2 riding halls

Large 60m x 20m riding hall with mirrored side, a high, airy design and natural light

Small 30m x 15m riding hall, especially for longeing and running free

2 show arenas

Large 80m x 40m arena with riding mats under the footings and floodlight

60m x 20m dressage arena with riding mats under the footings


Spacious stable building, EU-standard boxes, 12-square-metre horse stalls, each with an outside window, a good supply of fresh air, 4 foaling stalls, tack rooms, grooming and washing areas, horse solarium, storerooms for equipment, covered path up to the riding halls and much more.

Paddocks and training

Extensive grass and all-weather paddocks

Excellent training conditions, free choice of trainer and courses can be arranged on consultation.

"Our horse has already been quartered at the Burgstallerhof for 2 years. It receives excellent, loving care - and it's doing brilliantly in every way."

Hannah L. horse owner

"We've already tried one or two other stables, but each time there was always something we weren't happy with. This is the first one where we feel completely happy with everything."

Karin L.enthusiastic rider

"We searched for a good place for our horse close to Vienna for a long time. We finally found it at the Burgstallerhof. Great care, friendly service - I'd give it a straight A!"

Thomas N.Horse owner

Impressions of the Burgstallerhof